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Rapid Respawn Weekend
Wziumajka on 27 September 2019 17:46:39 · 0 Comments · 121 Reads
Sharpen your swords and ready your spells, for hordes of monsters are incoming! Another Rapid Respawn Weekend will soon be upon us yet again!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of October 04 and October 07, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy fighting!
Your Community Managers
New Optional PvP Game Worlds
Wziumajka on 25 September 2019 22:04:08 · 0 Comments · 148 Reads
Fellow Tibians, new game worlds are about to be launched! On September 25, we plan to set up three new Optional PvP game worlds. You can start a new journey if you like, either on Concorda (EU), Mitigera (NA), or Serenebra (SA).

These worlds will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note, though, that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.
For a certain amount of time, only premium accounts will be able to play on these game worlds.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers
Bugfixes and Content Changes
Wziumajka on 25 September 2019 22:03:47 · 0 Comments · 127 Reads
With the latest update, the following bugfixes and changes have been introduced:
  • The amulet of theurgy appears no longer activated when looted.
  • Only actually entering the Scarlett Etzel boss fight will result in a subsequent cooldown.
  • Defeating Scarlett Etzel now reliably triggers a screenshot.
  • The kill statistics on the website about Scarlett Etzel now work correctly.
  • After a house transfer, the monthly rent no longer has to be paid twice.
  • Multiple minor bugfixes.
Safe journey,
Your Community Managers
Map Refresh
Wziumajka on 17 September 2019 01:21:11 · 0 Comments · 138 Reads
In order to combat littering in hunting grounds, we have introduced a new refresh mechanism.

Tomorrow's server save will result in a map refresh which affects all areas except cities and houses. Any items which are left on the ground will be removed. This will from then on be a daily occurrence. Cities where refresh mechanisms have existed previously will continue to function as before.

Good hunting,
Your Community Managers
Colours of Magic
Wziumajka on 17 September 2019 01:20:48 · 0 Comments · 128 Reads
The wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power, and Fern of Nature are back in the land of Tibia, competing for the votes of the Tibian citizens. You can now decide again who is the most popular wizard among them in your game world.

Starting with today's server save, various monsters will drop envelopes with red, blue, or yellow powder. If you want to know how to colour yourself and mix colours, check the letter that is included in the envelopes.

If you are interested in further facts about the event, please check with the wizards' loyal fans: Friedolin, the fan of the orange wizard awaits you in Carlin. Paulette supports the violet wizard and can be found in Thais. Representing the green wizard, Nathaniel stands in Venore.
During the competition, you will receive bonus points, which you can trade with these three supporters of the wizards after you have chosen your colour.
Use the bonus points to get your own chess box if you did not possess one yet. If you have one already, you can complete your set of Zaoan chess figurines made of jade and obsidian.

Time to decide which team you go for since each of the three offers a different special reward. Depending on the wizard with the most followers on your game world on September 23, server save, your world will benefit from one of the following rewards for one week:
  • Furb of Fun (orange): The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. The chance to successfully sculpt from ice cubes and marble will be multiplied by 10. Also, fireworks rockets, party trumpets, snowballs and party hats can be found in all the creatures which dropped envelopes.
  • Feiz of Power (violet): The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. In addition, the skill bonus of berserk and bullseye potions will be raised to +7, and the shielding decrease will be set to -8 instead of -10. The magic level bonus of mastermind potions will be raised to +5.
  • Fern of Nature (green): All health and mana potions will be enhanced by 10%.

Happy colour mixing!
Your Community Managers
New Decoration
Wziumajka on 14 September 2019 14:46:18 · 0 Comments · 126 Reads
Today we have added some new home decoration to our Store.

Do you yearn for the high seas, the smell of salt water, the creaking planks beneath your feet? With International Talk Like a Pirate Day upcoming on September 19, we present you with appropriate items to spruce up your dwelling. This new decoration will turn every landlubber's den into the abode of a fearless sea rover!

Nail your colours to the mast, or rather, wall, with this Jolly Roger. It struck fear into the hearts of many a man when it was unfurled high atop time and time again.

A chest of overflowing riches – better make it known that these coins are cursed, lest somebody dares to steal your treasure!

The not-so-dead remains of an unlucky crew member whom befell a terrible fate. Excellent for creeping out any house guests.

The massive head of a white shark. Hang it on your wall and tell tall tales about how you bested this beast of the deep sea.

The steering wheel of a once great and mighty ship, marked by years of wear and tear. The last vestige of your seafaring days...

A piece of paper to some but the road to wealth to others, this treasure map has led many people astray looking for its buried secrets.

A powerful ballista which was designed to partake in sea battles. Great for staving off any home invaders.

This cheeky monkey will happily dangle from the tree by its tail all day but won't say no to a little snack.

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

We hope you enjoy the new deco items!
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
Wziumajka on 04 September 2019 23:10:09 · 0 Comments · 189 Reads
Are you looking for an opportunity to level up and improve your skills? A double XP and double skill weekend is coming! So sharpen your weapons and stock up your potions, a weekend full of excessive monster slaughtering is waiting for you!

Between the server saves of September 06 and September 09, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers

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