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Bugfixes and Content Changes
Wziumajka on 02 April 2019 18:01:45 · 0 Comments · 81 Reads
With today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, we changed the following:
  • The client's screenshot feature is now working as intended again.
  • The character name is being displayed in the client's title bar again.
  • Plant Attandant and Plant Abomination are now able to sense invisible creatures.
  • Some broken keywords in the hireling's dialogue have been fixed.
Have fun,
Your Community Managers
Rapid Respawn Weekend
Wziumajka on 29 March 2019 17:21:32 · 0 Comments · 66 Reads
Time to work on those Bestiary entries! A Rapid Respawn Weekend is ahead and those continuously spawning monster hordes are just waiting for worthy opponents!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of April 05 and April 08, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy hunting!
Your Community Managers
New House Rents on April 15
Wziumajka on 28 March 2019 18:21:49 · 0 Comments · 65 Reads
Attention Tibians! The new rents for all houses and guildhalls, which we announced in January, will come into effect with the server save of April 15, 2019.

The new monthly rents are already displayed in the houses section, both in the list of all houses and if you view a specific house.

Spread the news!
Your Community Managers
A Chylling Experience
Wziumajka on 26 March 2019 18:34:29 · 0 Comments · 59 Reads
Hear ye! Hear ye! An icy bridge reaches toward an isle of frost and hidden fire, with cold-hearted monsters grim and dire.

A cold storm is coming from the north. The howling wind whispers stories of an old and forgotten frozen island. What was once a lush and beautiful paradise is now an everlasting ice desert dominated by various kinds of monsters. Deep down inside the isle and locked in ice, a once so proud race - the ursagrodon – is sleeping and vigilantly waiting to be freed again...

From April 01 on until May 01, the island Chyllfroest will be accessible once again for all premium players. West of Svargrond, an icy bridge will start forming within the next couple of days. This bridge will make it possible to access this special island. You will find different dungeons with various creatures for different level ranges there.
If you are exploring Chyllfroest deeper, you might also find one of the famous frozen ursagrodons which can be thawed and tamed with some luck.

But be aware: Rumour has it that yetis have been seen on this island, before, too.

Enjoy spring, froest is coming...
Your Community Managers
New Mounts
Wziumajka on 22 March 2019 17:22:04 · 0 Comments · 82 Reads
New mounts have been added to the Store today!

Your lower back worsens with every trip you spend on the back of your mount and you are looking for a more comfortable alternative to travel through the lands?

Say no more! The Rabbit Rickshaw, the Bunny Dray and the Cony Cart come with two top-performing hares that never get tired thanks to the brand new and highly innovative propulsion technology. Just keep some back-up carrots in your pocket and you will be fine!

Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

Get yourself some fluffy companions
Your Community Managers
Colours of Magic
Wziumajka on 19 March 2019 17:19:42 · 0 Comments · 68 Reads
The wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power, and Fern of Nature are back in the land of Tibia, competing for the votes of the Tibian citizens. You can now decide again who is the most popular wizard among them in your game world.

Starting with today's server save, various monsters will drop envelopes with red, blue, or yellow powder. If you want to know how to colour yourself and mix colours, check the letter that is included in the envelopes.

If you are interested in further facts about the event, please check with the wizards' loyal fans: Friedolin, the fan of the orange wizard awaits you in Carlin. Paulette supports the violet wizard and can be found in Thais. Representing the green wizard, Nathaniel stands in Venore.
During the competition, you will receive bonus points, which you can trade with these three supporters of the wizards after you have chosen your colour.
Use the bonus points to get your own chess box if you did not possess one yet. If you have one already, you can complete your set of Zaoan chess figurines made of jade and obsidian.

Time to decide which team you go for since each of the three offers a different special reward. Depending on the wizard with the most followers on your game world on March 23, server save, your world will benefit from one of the following rewards for one week:
  • Furb of Fun: The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. The chance to successfully sculpt from ice cubes and marble will be multiplied by 10. Also, fireworks rockets, party trumpets, snowballs and party hats can be found in all the creatures which dropped envelopes.
  • Feiz of Power: The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. In addition, the skill bonus of berserk and bullseye potions will be raised to +7, and the shielding decrease will be set to -8 instead of -10. The magic level bonus of mastermind potions will be raised to +5.
  • Fern of Nature: All health and mana potions will be enhanced by 10%.
Happy colour mixing!
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
Wziumajka on 07 March 2019 17:47:21 · 0 Comments · 83 Reads
Are you ready for the first Double XP and Skill Weekend in 2019? Gain twice the amount of experience while hunting your favourite monsters and teach them the true meaning of fear. In case you still have some power left afterwards, you should spend some time at your exercise dummy and push your skills to the next level.

Between the server saves of March 08 and March 11, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers

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