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  • New Tibian spell?

    Friday 17. April 2015

    21:26 Ogorek solony [7]: healing 21:26 Ogorek solony [7]: healing 21:26 Ogorek solony [7]: wut sorry

  • Welcome and have fun with us!

    Wednesday 19. February 2014

    Don't waste your time, register on FunTibia.com and add your own quotes, stories, pictures and videos!

  • Ingles "Vida Loka"

    Wednesday 23. October 2013

    21:47 Knight Viida Loka [52]: get me 10k ai pow for me upa the lvl60 21:47 Knight Viida Loka [52]: by favou? 21:47 Knight Viida Loka [52]: will you get me?

  • Knight i summony

    Wednesday 12. June 2013

    21:24 You see Dun Master (Level 11). HE IS A KNIGHT. 21:24 Rycerze Goudy [134]: dun 21:24 Rycerze Goudy [134]: chcesz go bic 21:24 Dun Master [11]: tak 21:24 Rycerze Goudy [134]: daj mi bron to ci ustawie 21:24 Rycerze Goudy [134]: poskilujesz 21:26 Rycerze Goudy [134]: bij do woli 21:26 Rycerze Goudy [134]: ale jeden warunek 21:26 Dun Master [11]: jaki 21:26 Rycerze Goudy [134]: musisz sobie z...

  • Fishing

    Tuesday 19. March 2013

    I had a bucket of water and a fishing rod, so the noob asked me: - What are you fishing? - Idiots. - How many you've got? - Three, with you!

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Abandon All Hope
MastroDaro on 06 June 2020 14:07:50 · 0 Comments · 18 Reads
There are five grounds where evil has taken hold and put down its dark roots into the deepest reaches of the abyss.

These are the challenges one has to overcome in order to discover ultimate malevolence... To even contemplate taking them on is reckless, however, and to actually attempt to beat them is suicide.


This demonic inferno, filled with perishing energy and many-limbed creatures, will trap any unsuspecting soul trying to reach the end by rushing straight through. You may survive the first instance and, unlikely as it might be, even escape the second one by the skin of their teeth, but abandon all hope should you think of prevailing a third time, only to confront the lord of this domain.


A festering wasteland, sanctified by infernal forces. Its treacherous paths branch out in all directions, leading careless souls to despair and damnation. Arboreal nightmares roam this land, moving extensions of the rotten surroundings. Only one who can navigate this bizarre landscape and find all the shrines can dare to venture on and meet the true horror in its lair.


Ebb and flow rule this stead, a bitterly cold and pestilent realm. It is the home of maritime nightmares who do not have to care about the unstoppable tides. However, you better be wary of your surroundings, lest you be trapped at the bottom of the sea floor, condemned to a watery grave. You will need to slay seven hazardous phantoms before you can cross the blue divide to reach your last foe.


Three circles of abject terror make up this hellhole, increasing the dread evermore as you descend and draw closer to your annihilation. Blessed by unspeakable evil, the blood of the creatures inhabiting this place is harmful to the touch and should be avoided, while their energy is needed to eventually face certain doom.


The most twisted of places. What a cruel joke it is to have to fight in your own home, warped beyond reason but not recognition, all the while staring into familiar faces, having to fight friends and companions to the death. A chilly wind howls through the ruined streets and what should be sacred ground has taken on cursed form. By the time you reach the final fiend you no longer care whether you live or die.

However prepared you might think you are, whatever skills you may possess, it is not enough. This is the end of the road. You cannot win.
Dark Premonitions
MastroDaro on 06 June 2020 14:06:50 · 0 Comments · 19 Reads
The tall figure towered over the dead body. A bag lay next to the man, its contents strewn across the ground. Gloved hands riffled through the pages of a journal, tainted by the dirt of the muddy surroundings.

... and now for months I have been trying to piece together what actually transpired in this cult. Finding witnesses and getting first-hand accounts is obviously impossible, so I need to settle for any writings that I can find. Countless hours I spent pouring over books, hoping to somehow get a comprehensive picture of the situation at the time. Only then I feel might I be able to trace this organisation back to their roots and better understand how he came to power. To be quite honest, this endeavour has taken its toll on me. I have been feeling weak and sickly for a while now, but I cannot rest, not yet, not now! If my assumptions are correct, there is no time to be wasted as...

... finally found what I have been looking for. It was not easy to acquire, as to be expected. The tome shed light on their doings in great detail and even presented a seemingly fairly factual history of events – even in levelheaded words, it became crystal clear however what magnitude the enmity between these two groups must have reached. Of course, I cannot verify its claims with certainty for I lack a second source to compare it to, but at this point I take what I can get. The question of authorship could not be resolved in even the least bit satisfying manner, which struck me as odd. Nevertheless, the...

... convinced that it is his doing. Correction: That it is related to his doing. He may not be the root cause for all this, or rather, not the impetus which set it all in motion, but the events transpiring are without the shadow of a doubt linked to his person, his being. And frankly, I have a hard time believing that he has no willful part in this. They buried him and he is certainly no longer alive in the sense that my fellow man is alive, but it would be unwise to assume that he who commands the dead would not be a force to be reckoned with in the great beyond. For my next...

... have proof now. How I acquired it is wholly unimportant. In fact, whoever is behind it is of no consequence. These events cannot be stopped any longer by finding the mastermind behind this operation but only by venturing into Zarganash and put an end to this most evil design. Somebody has to do it. It will not be me, for I freely admit that even the prospect of such an undertaking is too much for my mind to bear. The prospect which awaits is too grisly and grim to comprehend. Whoever musters the courage, nay, the sheer will, to enter this darkest of places, this unhallow cathedral of absolute doom, should make peace with one simple fact:

You. Will. Die.
New Open PvP and Optional PvP Game Worlds
MastroDaro on 21 May 2020 12:28:13 · 0 Comments · 33 Reads
Fellow Tibians, new game worlds are about to be launched! On May 27, we
plan to set up four new game worlds:

Open PvP: Xylona (EU), Ysolera (NA) and Zenobra (SA)

These worlds will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers.

Optional PvP: Yonabra (SA)

This world will be open for character world transfers from the start.

While all four game worlds will be protected by BattlEye, only Xylona, Ysolera and Zenobra will have the status of a game world initially protected by BattlEye (green BattlEye symbol), while Yonabra will not have this status (yellow BattlEye symbol).

Please note that depending on how their populations evolve, it may be possible that these worlds will be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only premium accounts will be able to play on Xylona, Ysolera and Zenobra, while Yonabra will be open to Premium and free accounts right from the start.

To new adventures,
Your Community Managers
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
MastroDaro on 24 April 2020 12:12:38 · Read More · 0 Comments · 60 Reads
Are you looking for an opportunity to level up and improve your skills? A double XP and double skill weekend is coming! So sharpen your weapons and stock up your potions, a weekend full of excessive monster slaughtering is waiting for you!

Between the server saves of May 01 and May 04, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers
MastroDaro on 12 March 2020 21:51:51 · 0 Comments · 58 Reads
Do you want to party like there is no tomorrow? Ready for some fun activities? Then you are in luck, as Orcsoberfest is right around the corner!

It is time again for the orgers to get their fill of all the food and beer you could ever dream of, while diligent orcs work tirelessly to ensure that no plate and no stein is ever empty. Gain festive points by engaging in numerous activities, partake in the lottery to have a chance at winning great prizes or try to satiate King Chuck's voracious appetite in exchange for a reward.

As of server save on March 13, a tent will appear south of Thais. Inside is a teleport which is open to any Premium player, bringing you to Orcsoberfest island. Talk to your friendly neighbourhood orger Xaver first after your arrival or directly engage in the activities if you are not one for conversation.

The festival concludes on March 20. During the weekend after the event (server save on March 20 until server save on March 23) all game worlds will receive a 50% XP boost for creatures of the "demon" bestiary class.

There have been a number of changes made to decrease wait times between the mini-games and new rewards have been added as well – King Chuck allegedly expanded his collection of plushies...

As they say on the island, meaning 'Happy festivities!' in Orcish:

Your Community Managers
Item Rebalancing
MastroDaro on 12 March 2020 21:51:14 · 0 Comments · 65 Reads
Dear Tibians,
obrazekit is finally time to rework some of the many items found across the game. Specifically, some of the weapons are going to be changed.

We have compiled a list with changes we plan to make on March 17. The list is available to you here, containing all adjustments. Please feel free to comment on any glaring problems you see with the new stats so that they may be addressed.

There is also an FAQ available in which we address pertinent questions and detail our motivation for this endeavour. Some changes to certain items are also explained in particular.

We are also planning to introduce new best-in-slot weapons in the upcoming summer update. After the release of these current changes, there are going to be feedback forms available where you can provide your feedback regarding this topic.

To arms!
Your Community Managers
A Piece of Cake
MastroDaro on 16 February 2020 02:06:09 · 0 Comments · 94 Reads

Attention, attention! Starting on Friday, February 21, cake golems will return as part of the "A Piece of Cake" event and attack certain cities in Tibia. Gather all pie lovers and face those sweet temptations. Those who manage to eat the huge amount of cake can look forward to yummy rewards!

Slay the invaders to get enough sweet and sugary substances and lure them into the cake extractor machines in Thais, Liberty Bay, Carlin, Darashia, and Edron! Both actions are necessary to enable the bakers near the machines to build a bridge to the legendary cake island.

Once you are on the island, you need to start munching the giant cake - as fast as you can. There is no bite to waste! Time will run out with the server save on February 26. If you manage to polish off the entire cake in time, your game world will be rewarded with 25% more health and mana regeneration and exclusively for premium accounts an experience bonus of 50% for seven days.

NPC Brutus will visit the cake island in case your game world has successfully finished the event. He will offer you a special reward if you are willing to follow his further instructions. You can also get one of three delicious cupcakes from Brutus:

  • The blueberry cupcake completely fills up your mana.
  • The strawberry cupcake will refill your health.
  • The lemon cupcake will increase your distance fighting skill by +10 for one hour.
Low carb is overrated,
Your Community Managers
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